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PostedJob TitleCompanyEmp. Type Salary ($)
8/29/2016 Supv Intelligence Operations Specialist (16-041-A-Air) Closing Date 12SEP2016 181st IWFull-Time AGR E8-E9
8/29/2016 Supervisory Intelligence Operations Specialist (OBO) 181IWFull-Time GS - $71,012 to $92,316 annually
8/29/2016 IT Specialist (SYSADMIN) USPFOFull-Time GS - $61,137 to $79,478 annually
8/26/2016 A-10 Pilot 122 FWFull-Time GS - $96,000 to $124,805 annually
8/26/2016 Administration Officer (Open) 16-065-O Closing Date 05-Sep-16 HHC 776th Brigade Engineer BN (BEB)Full-Time AGR O2 - O3
8/26/2016 Administrative Assistant JFHQ (Wellness Center)Full-Time GS - $40,232 to $52,302 annually
8/24/2016 Aircraft Mechanic LAASFFull-Time WG - $25.98 to $30.28 hourly
8/24/2016 Aircraft Mechanic LAASFFull-Time WG - $27.29 to $31.85 hourly
8/23/2016 Supply NCO (Open) 16-063-E Closing Date 01-Sep-16 CO F 2-238th GSABFull-Time AGR E5 - E6
8/22/2016 BDE Training Officer (Open) 16-061-O Closing Date 01-Sep-16 HHC 38th CABFull-Time AGR O2 - O3
8/22/2016 SR FTUS/Training Officer (Open) 16-062-O Closing Date 01-Sep-16 HSC 38th DHHBFull-Time AGR O2 - O3
8/22/2016 TODO Coordinator/Inspector (16-043-A-Air) Closing Date 6SEP2016 122d Maintenance GroupFull-Time AGR E5-E6
8/19/2016 Admin NCO (Open) 16-064-E Closing Date 29-Aug-16 1413th ENG COFull-Time AGR E5
8/18/2016 Intelligence Officer (16-044-A-Air) Closing Date 01SEP2016 137th Intelligence SQD (181 IW)Full-Time AGR O1-O3
8/17/2016 Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor (16-047-A-Air) Closing Date 31AUG2016 122d Fighter Wing/122 MXSFull-Time AGR E8-E9