Military Support Requests

The Indiana National Guard is a proud member of communities throughout Indiana in which our Soldiers and Airmen serve. Through an active community support program, the Indiana National Guard demonstrates it is a good neighbor and community partner by providing support in five areas: Non-Aviation, Military Aerial, Air Force Fly Over’s, Color Guard Requests and Speaker Requests.

Note: most support requests require a minimum of 90 days prior to the event (unless stated specifically) to be reviewed, validated and considered for support. Requests received fewer than 90 days are unlikely to receive support. All National level events require higher approval outside the Indiana National Guard and must meet the 90 day suspense to be considered.

The Indiana National Guard will make every effort to provide support for all events, but event organizers should be aware that support may not be available for military mission requirements may prevent the Indiana National Guard from supporting specific events.

 The following are currently suspended:

  • Fly Overs
  • Cannon Salutes 

Note: There are many events that we are legally unable to support.

Examples of activities we are able to support are:

  • Combined Federal Campaign
  • National Guard Relief Fund
  • Army Relief Fund
  • Air Force Relief Fund
  • Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society.

The Joint Ethics Regulation strictly forbids Department of Defense personnel from endorsing non-federal entities: "DoD personnel shall not officially endorse, or appear to endorse, a non-federal entity event, product, service, or enterprise, including membership drives of fund raising activities."


Have a Civic Event?

Please fill out a military support request form. Once completed, click on the link below to submit your request.

Military Support Request 

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