Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Fire department training at MUTC

Located in South Central Indiana's Jennings County near Butlerville, Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) is a secluded, self contained community, once home to the Muscatatuck State Developmental Center. The 1,000 acre site was turned over to the Indiana National Guard in July of 2005 and since has been continually evolving into a full-immersion contemporary urban training environment. Those utilizing MUTC have access to a 180 acre reservoir and urban infrastructure consisting of 68 major buildings including a school, hospital, dormitories, light industrial structures, single family type dwellings, a dining facility and administrative buildings totaling approximately 850,000 square feet of floor space. Additionally the training area includes an extensive underground utility tunnel system and over 9 miles of roads and streets. MUTC is a consortium of governmental, public and private entities that are pooling their unique capabilities in order to provide the most realistic training experience possible. Training that can be tailored to replicate both foreign and domestic scenarios and that can be utilized by various civilian and military organizations. In its first year of operation the facilities at MUTC have been utilized by over 16,000 people from military, government and private agencies and is continually expanding training capabilities for future needs.
  1. 1,000 Acres
  2. Over 120 Training Structures
  3. 2,000+ Rooms
  4. 1 - 7 Story Building
  5. 1 - 5 Story Buildings
  6. 20 - 3 Story Buildings
  7. 16 - 2 Story Buildings
  8. 6 Split Level Buildings
  9. 14 Single Level buildings
  10. 9 Buildings with basements
  11. Over 1 mile of searchable tunnels
  12. All are operational and fitted with functional equipment.

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Site Manager: Lt. Col. R. Dale Lyles

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Atterbury-Muscatatuck Public Affairs
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