Indiana National Guard Public Affairs

We welcome inquiries concerning our Guardsmen and their activities.   Thank you for your interest in the Indiana National Guard.


Mailing Address
2002 S. Holt Rd.
Indianapolis, IN 46241

Main Phone line: 1-800-237-2850 ext. 3222 or 317-247-3222


Public Affairs Officer
Ltc. Cathy Van Bree
1-800-237-2850 ext. 73105 or 317-247-3105


Public Affairs Media Relations NCO
Staff Sgt. Les Newport
1-800-237-2850 ext. 79955 or 317-247-3300 ext. 79955

Public Affairs Operations Officer
Capt. Kathryn Elkins
1-800-237-2850 ext. 73501 or 317-247-3501


Community Relations
Staff Sgt. Ashley Westfall
1-800-237-2850 ext. 79957 or 317-247-3300 ext. 79957