Atterbury-Muscatatuck enterprise is a State of Indiana and Department of Defense collaborative enterprise whose efforts are focused on creating and operating a highly realistic, fiscally responsible, contemporary training and developmental testing environment in which joint, inter-agency, intergovernmental, multinational and non-governmental capabilities can prepare as a team for deployment in support of national requirements both in the homeland and overseas.

Capability-specific venues have been established and enhanced across the facilities, and making use of existent restricted air space and Certificates of Authority, enable military, governmental and commercial entities to experience the most complete combination of interactive, live and virtual scenarios available in the country. Layered exercises allow for real-world interaction between participating organizations, leveraging assets and increasing efficiencies, thereby lowering costs.

Visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck website for complete details.

Camp Atterbury Capabilities:

Switchboard: 812-526-1499

  • Convoy live-fire range
  • Multiple small arms, sniper, and demo ranges
  • Small Arms Live-fire shoot house
  • IED defeat lane
  • Urban assault courses
  • Atterbury Air to Ground Range
  • Airfield operations
  • Reception, staging and personnel processing (RSOI)
  • Virtual medical simulation training center
  • 25-acre Joint Simulations, Training and Exercise Center (JSTEC)
  • IED Battle Drill Simulator
  • Engagement Skills Trainer
  • Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT)
  • Vehicle Convoy Operations Trainer (VCOT)
  • Dismounted Soldier Training Simulator
  • Joint Training Enterprise Network 2.0 (JTEN 2.0)
  • Humvee and MRAP Egress Assistance Trainer (HEAT/MET)
  • Virtual Battle Space 2 (VBS2)
  • MRAP Common Driver Training (MRAP CDT)
  • MRAP Virtual Vehicle Trainer (MRAP VVT)
  • Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT)

Visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck website for complete details.

Staff Duty Officer: 317-504-6846

Muscatatuck Capabilities:

  • Flooded community
  • Derailed train venue
  • Governor’s residence
  • Collapsed structures
  • Searchable/Maneuverable and instrumented tunnels
  • After Action Review Facility
  • Confined space areas foremergency rescues
  • Culture-specific farm
  • Authentic marketplace
  • Range Operations Center Communication
  • Walled community
  • Cyber capabilities
  • Business zones
  • Subway station
  • Instrumentation Technology (Fiber optical cabling to zoned, electrical/ communication rooms)
  • Power and data that distributes power
  • Walled-Embassy
  • Five Story Hospital
  • Train & Rail yard
  • Soccer stadium
  • Religious center
  • Bus station
  • Oil refinery
  • Radio station
  • Data outlets
  • Cave system
  • Cameras
  • School
  • Seven Story High rescue trainer
  • Electromagnetic environment
  • Courthouse/jail/prison complex
  • Sound, scent, smoke generation
  • Plus more

Visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck website for complete details.

LSA Panther Capabilities

  • Two gated entrances are present with entry control measures in place
  • 50 buildings capable of housing 1000 personnel, with heating and air conditioners
  • Three shower facilities with 48 shower heads
  • Dining facility with a seating capacity of 145 personnel, with five individual classrooms, cable television and internet drops
  • Other dining options include a pizza shop, with free internet access
  • Shopette that sells drinks, snacks and basic toiletries
  • Small fitness center
  • Pay as you go WIFI (30GB)
  • Additional facilities include three conference/ classrooms of varying sizes
  • A double wide trailer, a triple wide trailer and a five-wide trailer containing, one large room and two smaller breakout rooms; Internet connections are available in each conference/classroomv
  • A Landing Zone(LZ) for helicopters is located within COB Panther and additional LZ’s can be utilized with coordination with the North Vernon Airport
  • Parking capacity on site is 100 vehicles

Visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck website for complete details.

The Jefferson Range offers:

  • Air-scored targets
  • Strafe targets
  • Rocket targets
  • Laser capabilities
  • Day and night operations for manned and unmanned activity
  • Restricted airspace for unmanned flight training and testing

Visit the Atterbury-Muscatatuck website for complete details.

General Information:

  • The MSTC prepares service members in the application of medical interventions that may be necessary in combat.
  • One of 18 installations in the United States that contain this type of simulation technology with a medical focus.
  • Location: Building 40177, Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana.
  • Normal hours of operation are 0800-1700 Monday through Friday

Requests for training can be directed to:

  • Quality Assurance Representative and NCOIC: 812-526-1499 ext 61171
  • Site Manager: 812-526-1499 ext 62618


  • 68W Sustainment
  • Combat Lifesaver (CLS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • First Aid/Buddy Aid (IFAK) Course

Outdoor Training

  • A Litter Course with 8 Obstacles
  • Huey Helicopter
  • Two Story MOUT Connex