Family Assistance Program

The Indiana National Guard’s Family Assistance Centers provide support to military families for a full range of situations and problems that may arise in conjunction with military deployments or in the course of the member’s service. We also provide services for veterans and for members of any branch of service.

We provide deployment and reunion briefings for all mobilizing units, and act as a one-stop shop for families looking for current, accurate information. Our family assistance specialists conduct wellness calls to family members every 30 days during deployments to ensure that all family needs are being met. With 14 locations across the state of Indiana, our goal is to have 100 percent contact with every family through active outreach during a deployment.

  • Family Assistance Centers (FACs) are considered a one-stop shop for military members and their families.
  • FACs are among the first places the military family should turn to for advice and assistance.
  • FACs are established in times of normal operations, contingency call-ups, mobilizations and large-scale deployment to provide support and assistance to service members and their families.
  • FACs are intended to simplify the process of accessing needed services and support.

We provide resources and referrals for the following:

  • ID cards/DEERS
  • Medical/dental, access to TRICARE
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues
  • Crisis referral
  • Community referral services
  • Exceptional family member program
  • Emergency family assistance center

Indiana Family Program Office

711 North Pennsylvania Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Toll Free: 1-800-237-2850, Ext. 72694
Office: 317-247-3300, Ext. 72694
Cell Phone: 317-650-1334