• Social Media Managers must complete two training courses: OPSEC for EOP Operators and DISA Social Networking Class, and completing Social Networking v1.0 is highly recommended.

  • All personnel who publish information on external online presences are required to take mandatory annual OPSEC training (ALARACT 289/2013).

  • Commanding officer or qualified public affairs officer approval
    Someone with authority must approve the presence.

  • Official URL

  • The account must have a URL to an Official U.S. Army website. Use your command's website or if your organization does not have a website.

  • User Terms of Agreement

  • The account must have a user terms of agreement statement. An example of the specific wording can be located at GSA's Negotiated Terms of Service (TOS) Agreements web page.

  • The presence should be public facing

  • Sites that are published on the U.S. Army's social media repository must be unlocked and publicly accessible via the Internet. For example, private Twitter pages will not be published on the directory

  • The presence must include a valid point of contact email address

  • The presence must be clearly identified as "Official"

  • The site needs to be clearly identified as an "official" presence. However the word "official" does not need to appear in the site's name (Please note that the use of Facebook profile pages, community pages or groups for official purposes is not in the government's Terms of Service agreement with Facebook).

  • Names and logos should be approved by commander

  • Branding (official name and logos) across all social media platforms should be uniform. Include the commander-approved names and logos (i.e., 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division [Family Readiness]).

  • Official Facebook pages must be categorized as a government page

  • Posts on the platforms should be no older than one month

  • The presence must post disclaimer text

The disclaimer text identifies the page as an official social media presence and disclaims any endorsement. See the U.S. Army's Facebook policy as a reference.

The Indiana National Guard Social Media Directory is a manually processed directory. Your submission will be reviewed and verified before it is published on the directory. If the Public Affairs Office has any issues or questions, they will contact the individual who submitted the link(s).