Crisis Intervention Team

Treat every reported sexual assault, domestic violence or suicide incident seriously by following proper guidelines. Treat all victims of sexual assault or domestic violence with dignity, fairness, and respect. Be proactive in suicide reduction and intervention and critical incident stress management. Promote the sensitive handling of victims of sexual assault or domestic violence, offer victim assistance for counseling and provide confidential avenues for reporting. Use training, education, and awareness to minimize sexual assault; domestic violence and suicide.

  • Ensure leaders understand their roles and responsibilities regarding response to victims of sexual assault; domestic violence or attempted suicide through command awareness training.
  • Establish sexual assault; domestic violence and suicide prevention training and awareness programs to educate Soldiers.
  • Create a climate that encourages victims to report incidents of sexual assault or domestic violence without fear.
  • Provide sensitive care and confidential reporting for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence by allowing a Soldier to report to specified individuals.
  • Provide the Soldier access to medical care, counseling, and victim advocacy.

Indiana National Guard Crisis Prevention and Intervention Team:

CIT OIC/ Program Manager (Crisis Intervention Team)
Office:  317-247-3114
Cell: 317-474-5240

SARC (Sexual Assault Response Coordinator)
Office: 317-247-3300 x 85475
Cell: 317-690-6650

DPH (Director of Psychological Health)
Office: 317-247-3155