Psychological Health

National Guard members and Families should never weather emotional and behavioral challenges alone. The Psychological Health Program addresses the unique challenges that National Guard members face.

Service Members, Veterans and family members have a round-the-clock, free resource for locating the help they need to deal with psychological health
problems and traumatic brain injury.

Connect with your Director of Psychological Health, Our licensed, professional staff is available 24/7 to support you and your loved ones.

  • No one knows how I feel
  • I can’t stop thinking about what I did
  • My spouse says I am drinking too much
  • I can’t sleep
  • People tell me I’m not the same person I used to be
  • I’m constantly fighting at home
  • Available to support you and your family
  • Services are free of charge
  • All service members are eligible for the Psychological Health Program regardless of branch.
  • Adheres strictly to your confidentiality

Direct 24/7/365 access to your state DPH

  • Assessments
  • Behavioral health resources identification and support
  • Communication of applicable benefits and other counseling services within state/territory and military framework
  • Referral services
  • Case management services
  • Follow-up services
  • Commander consultation services
  • Guard member orientation
  • Leadership training
  • Wellness education
  • Critical incident management services

Indiana National Guard Director of Psychological Health:
1-317-247-3300 ext 85480